Sunday, July 25

I had to take it easy today to rest my feet. Switzerland doesn’t seem to believe in ice. There’s no ice machine and no store I’ve found sells it. I realized that despite having my laptop with me, I was writing down notes on paper like I did in Budapest. Therefore I spent the day both before and after my game organizing my notes and inserting pictures into this document. In the game, I discovered a new move in the French Winawer. But like most new moves “discovered” by pahtzers like me, it didn’t work and I lost.

Bill about to go down to defeat again.

Once again, Elisabeth Pahtz (left) and my favorite in the invitational section, Kateryna Lahno (right)

Monika Seps (SUI), now 0-6 in the invitational, might not have the same quality of play as the other contestants, but makes up for it with other assets.

Pappu Murthy’s countryman GM Krishnan Sasikiran gets set to crush GM Yannick Pelletier