Saturday, July 24

 No game today, so of course I got up early and took the 7:35 train into Geneva to get a complete dayís worth of sightseeing in. Since my next game is Sunday at 2 PM, itís still in the back of my head to stay in Geneva Saturday night if I want to look around some more. For the ride into Geneva, I picked up my first newspaper to see what was going on. Once again, the Tribe was within one game of 0.500 and lost ignominiously 14-0. Cíest la vie! It rained early in the morning and cooled off the weather a bit. Once in Geneva, I picked up a map this time and headed for the lake. I went on a 1 hour tour of the inner harbor as I still got there too late for a longer tour. Walked around the downtown area taking pictures and picked up some souvenirs. I spent the entire day in Geneva and took a late train back to Biel. I was really tired when I left Geneva and the only reason I could give for staying was to take a longer boat tour of the lake, but I didnít think I could fit it in and my camera was nearly full anyway. My feet are really killing me now and Iíve strained my right Achilles tendon. Iím listed as day-to-day.

Geneva man-made geyser

Out on Lake Geneva

More from Lake Geneva

Bill in Geneva

View from a park bench in Geneva

Park with many large chess sets and people playing on them. The squares are painted on and the pieces seem fairly light as many people move by gently kicking the pieces. Thereís also one large checker set for the real oddballs.

Priests of the Reformation watch chess in the park.

Side Note: Saturday night I went to refill my pill minder (yes I need one to remember to take my blood pressure pill) and I couldnít find the bottle. Iím always doing this to myself. When thereís something of perceived importance, I put it away from the rest of my things so it wonít get lost in the pile. But since I canít be bothered to remember where I put it, I effectively hide things from myself. I convince myself that the pills are at least in Switzerland, since I didnít fill the pill box until I got here. This isnít helping my blood pressure. After turning the room upside down, I found them in my suitcase which was where I looked in the first place but didnít see them. The same thing happened with my 5th round game score as it wasnít with everything else. I donít need it to remember the game, itís just a memento. It managed to find its way into one of my bags of merchandise.